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A Message From Sadie
Sadie and Family sincerely thank everyone for the lovely cards and messages received when Mick died.
Also to all who were able to join us for the service at Wigston Magna Methodist Church. - ( And share his favourite Coffee Cake ).
We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends.
Thank you all.
See News Item - Chris Wilcox goes 22:05 at Wolvey !
Ratae R.C. - Annual General Meeting 2014
Will take place at the Aylestone Leisure Centre at 7.30pm ( prompt ) on Thursday the 4th of September 2014.
Any items for the agenda should be submitted in good time to Bob Perrett.

The Ratae Road Club Evening Series of Time Trials at Gilmorton, continues on Wednesday the 23rd of July at 7.00pm - ( Event 5 of 6 )
The Committee have decided to use Wednesday the 23rd of July as an 'Evening Ten Series' Event and have reluctantly cancelled the 17 mile 2-up Time Trial scheduled for that date.  They offer their apologies to those looking forward to the 2-up and hope that they will understand the reasoning behind it. 
Following the cancellation of the Time Trial on the 28th of May, the Committee have made contingency plans to be able to extend the Series into August, should it be necessary to fulfil the requirement of running all six events.      
VTTA 'Standard Times'.
An explanation of how these work and how points are scored in the Evening Tens Vets. Categories, can now be found in the 'Points Standings' news item.
A 'Link' to the VTTA website showing all the 'Standard Times', can be found on our 'Links' page.

The Ratae Road Club Evening Series of Time Trials at Gilmorton will take place duing May, June  and July
Full details of the dates and times are in the 'Upcoming Events' section.
The Series competiion is open to all riders, whether members of a cycling club or not.  The cost of entry to each event will be £4.00 ( to include the CTT levy ).  In addition, riders who are not members of a cycling club will need to pay a one day club membership fee of £1.00, for insurance purposes.
There will be 6 rider categories, an award will be made to the  winner of each category.  The categories are for Senior Men, 18 yrs. (but not a 'Junior') - 39 yrs., Senior Ladies, 18 yrs. (but not a 'Junior') -39 yrs.  Junior Men ( Those, up to and reaching 18 years of age during 2014 ), Junior Ladies ( Those, up to and reaching 18 years of age during 2014 ) and Vets.  There are two separate Vets. titles, one for men and one for women. 
A points system from each trial will decide the category winners.  Riders will have to compete in a minimum of 4 events to be considered for the Series titles.   Anyone competing in more than 4 events will have their best 4 scores added together to make up their final total.
The  Rules and Terms of the Series are now in the 'Latest News' section.
Note that the wearing of Helmets is mandatory.
This promises to be an exciting, inclusive and prestigious local Series.      We hope to see you in again in late May - get all the remaining dates in your diary !
20th May - 15% Discount off Impsport Clothing.
Impsport, our Club clothing supplier, are running a discount of 15% on all their Official CTC Cycling Kit for those who may be interested.  Having had a look, I do not think that this relates to orders for Ratae clothing.  There is a 'Link' to their website on our 'Links' page.
Request for Volunteer Helpers For Wednesday Evening Time Trial Series
Dear Members,
As you are probably aware we are incorporating a points league into the evening 10’s programme this year, starting on Wednesday 14th May.
Whilst we would like all racing members to ride these events, we do need marshals and would appreciate any offer to marshal or push-off on one or more of the dates.     Helpers have already been arranged for the first event and the dates for subsequent events are listed in the 'Upcoming Events' section.
Please let Paul Baulch (or me) know if you are willing to help. The early season events were very successful and we hope to build on this with this new idea.
Sadie Garratt - Club Secretary
Ratae - Saturday morning 'Chain Gang' Ride - See you again next Saturday, the 26th of July
Meet  9.00am. - Crow Mills, Countesthorpe Road, South Wigston.  At the car park between the canal and river bridge ( near Mill Lane ).
Information about the ride can now be found as a news item in the 'Latest News' section.
Club Standards for Members
Each year, the Club organises a competition based on setting target times for individual time trial riders for the usual time trial distances, such as 10, 15, 25 miles etc.
The cost of entry is £2.00 for each distance entered and our Standards Secretary sets a time which is challenging, but perfectly possible for that rider to achieve during the season in either a club or open event.
At the end of the season, the riders who have reached or beaten their target times are awarded a medal.  There is then a further challenge to be faced - when the times achieved are compared with the standards set for the individual rider, the Ladder Trophy is awarded to the entrant exceeding his / her standard by the greatest speed margin at any distance.
The Trophy is awarded annually at the end of the season.
Entry forms are obtained from the Standards Secretary, Bill Powell.  He attends most of the Thursday Club Nights; otherwise he can be contacted on 0116 2207844.    
Impsport Club Clothing -  See 'News' Item on how to obtain our Club Clothing
Stem Comparison Tool - 'Link' to a Website Tool - Calculates All Things re. Stem Length and Drop.
Read the item in latest news and find the 'link' as no.12 on the 'Links' page.

From Bob Bragg - Time Trial League for 2014

To reply to all who have enquired about a TT league, I can assure them that this currently, is work in progress. We hope to run a number of events, as evening 10's, from May till August. The early season events (3) will still be run during March. We hope to get the details for the league completed by the new year and publicise it to attract riders from all clubs in our region. This will be a trial for 2014 and depending on support it will continue. As the events unfold we hope to learn how to improve the series. We will keep you updated on the progress of this project. 



FORUM - Cycle Mart - New Category

There is a new Category Heading in the 'Forum' Section for Ratae members who wish to make other members aware of cycling items that they have for sale, or items they are seeking to buy.

This service is intended solely for the bringing together of persons who may have items they wish to sell to each other.  Any transactions are to be carried out wholly between the parties concerned.

Note that any posts without a reply will automatically 'fall off'' after 30 days.  If you want to keep it on, add a reply / update within that period to reset the clock

There is a disclaimer linked to the new category that absolves the Club from any responsiblity or liabilty arising from any such transactions.

Being a new feature to the website, the new category will be monitored to assess how well it is working.


A 'Link' to our Facebook Page is now available in the 'LInks' Section

After a suggestion by a Forum user we now have a 'link' to our facebook page.  As it is a closed group the 'link' will take you to a log-in page.  Anyone logging-in and being a member of the group, will be taken straight to our page - Ratae Road Club.

Have you had a go at leaving or replying to a post yet ?    It is simple, useful, informative and fun.

Any queries regarding using it, then contact Susan Doram or Pete Moss. 


Dates For Your Diary - 2014

10 mile 'Open Time Trial - Saturday 9th August 2014

25 mile 'Open' TT - Saturday 27th September 2014


Use The 'Forum' Page

Others Are ! - Make your Point, Post a Reply or Simply Speak with Others !

To gain access to the 'Forum' page on the website, you will first need to register.

Since the 19th of February 2014, the ability to 'self create' an account has been disabled.

See the 'News' item of that date for details and instructions.

Any queries or request to register - email us through the 'Email Us' facility. 





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