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11 May 2020, 06.26
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Membership Secretary:

Rod Thompson



General Secretary

Sadie Garratt




John Fox

Tel. 0116 2810871


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Club Coach

Alex Hewins



Club Clothing

Peter Kott


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Peter Kott


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About Us

Club Committee and Officials - Post A.G.M. Sept. 2018


President                                         Pending - A.G.M.                  
ChairmanRod Thompson
General Secretary         Sadie Garratt        
TreasurerJohn Fox
Membership Secretary        Rod Thompson
Minutes SecretaryGary Sherrard
Acting Time Trial Secretary        Peter Kott
Acting Social SecretaryKam Kalia
Press / MediaGary Sherrard
Club CoachAlex Hewins
Without Specific RolesAndy Cassie
 Chris Spray
 Ed Watson


Additional Non-Committee Officials or Roles

Club Clothing                                    Peter Kott                      
Trophy StewardPaul Baulch / Andy Cassie    
Standard SecretaryJim York
Marshals Co-ordinatorAndy Cassie
Data ProcessorVacant
Club Ride Leaders 
WednesdayJohn Fox
SundayPeter Kott
Chain GangChris Spray


Club Rides Every Week - Wednesday and Sunday Mornings.
Meet Outside Websters Cycles - Leicester Road, Wigston.

Start times vary on the time of year - See the front page of the website for current times and venues.


Based in Leicester, the Ratae Road Club provides opportunities for all types of cyclist. Whether you are interested in Time Trialling, Road Racing, regular weekend or mid-week social rides, everyone is welcome.  The club organises a number of social events throughout the year, including a monthly Lunch at differing venues, for those who want to get off their bikes every now and again.

A regular cycle run for riders of every capability leaves Websters Cycles, Leicester Road, Wigston on Sundays and Wednesday mornings, ( times may vary on the time of year ).  A special opportunity to introduce yourself to the club is the Annual Reliability Trial, over a choice of either 20, 45 or 70 mile routes, usually held in February.

We also have the 'Ratae Rouleur' in early September, which is a non-competitive 'sportif' type event over testing courses of 25 or 45 miles.

Our Hill Climb Trophy Events is competed for at a 'two hill' event on the same day, based at Smeeton Westerby, in September.

On Saturday mornings, at certain times of the year, there is a 'chain gang' ride of around 30-35 miles for the more competitively minded.  There are no stops and it is about a two hour ride around Bruntingthorpe, Saddington, Kibworth, Three Gates and Gaulby.  ( For up to date information on the chain gang, check the website front page or use the 'email us' facility )

Check out our seasonal programme of activities for times and dates, see below to contact us for more information or simply come along on any of the dates.

Time Trialling provides the back bone to the Club's racing activities with our Early Season 10 mile Time Trials in March, on an undulating course through Gilmorton, Walton and Bruntingthorpe.  We hold competitive Evening Time Trials on the same course in May through to July.  We host an 'Open' 10 mile TT in September on the Six Hills A10/13 Course.

Many Ratae members also get involved in events organised by other clubs in the area.  Our 'links' page has some relevant websites and  we are happy to provide information about time trialling and road racing in the area.

Club History

The origin of the club can be traced back to the start of the second world war.  In 1939, the engineering firm of Mellor Bromley was one of the leading industrial companies in the city of Leicester.  A cycling club was formed as a part of the company’s social activity programme. It was named “The Mellor Bromley Cycling Club”.  This club adopted the MB logo, already used on the knitting machinery manufactured by the company.  However, the club was soon to be disbanded following the death of one of its members in a road accident.

Soon after this, a young man named Norman Yeadon decided to re-establish a cycling club, broadly to carry on where the Mellor Bromley club had left off.  Norman had joined Mellor Bromley at the age of thirteen and had become a cycling enthusiast along with several friends (including Audrey Colyer – later to become Mrs Pattison).  Norman founded his cycling club in 1942 from interested youngsters from both Mellor Bromley and the British United Shoe Machinery Company.  As a simple expedient, it was decided to continue to use the MB badge logo but to rename the club “The Midland Bohemians”.  Ratae Road Club members who joined Norman’s club at that time were the late Colin Pattison, together with Jim and Thelma York.

The club flourished during the war years; one of the annual fixtures was the Easter Camp at Whatstandwell near Cromford in Derbyshire.  There were frequent early morning games of football; intended to restore blood circulation after a night under canvas in near-freezing temperatures.  In fact, football became a significant secondary interest of club members with tea stops on club runs being planned for locations with an adjacent field suitable for a game.  As time went on, interest in time trialling and massed start racing developed even more keenly amongst some members and led to friction amongst the membership at large.  Matters came to a head following a club run to Fillongley near Coventry, when it was resolved to form a new club dedicated to cycling.  In February, 1950, a club run met at the Shoulder of Mutton public house in Foxton where the decision was taken to form a new club, as yet un-named.  Jim York took on the mantle of club secretary, having already occupied this position for the Midland Bohemians, and retained that job until 1955 when Dennis Lillicrapp took over.

During this period, the need for a new name and logo was addressed; suggestions were sought from the membership eventually leading to a competition organized by the committee.  Ratae (the Roman name for Leicester) and a logo consisting of a wyvern within a laurel wreath were proposed by Don Billesdon and Dave Wood and this was voted the winner.  At about the same time there was a move away from what had been the traditional and mandatory all-black attire for time trialling.  However, the club decided to retain a basically black strip but with a diagonal red/green stripe running down from the left shoulder to the right hip.  This design was carried to numerous victories by the two club stars, Alan Bland and Denis Oram.

One idiosyncrasy of our club concerns the Annual Dinner.  The first Dinner was held at the Manchester Hotel in Knighton Lane East but thereafter has been held at a variety of venues.  The number ascribed to each dinner is one more than the age of the club, on account of there being two annual dinners during its first year: the first was held in January 1950 and the second on December 15th.  Thereafter, the Annual Dinner has always been held early in December.

Latest Results
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