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Chain Gang - Resumption for 2019
06 January 2019, 08.34
The Chain Gang - Resumption for 2019 The Chain Gang...
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Official Club Rides and Personal Rides - Facebook Group Pages


There are many Ratae Club members, Facebook group members and friends who wish to avail themselves of being able to ride together as part of a group. The Club should recognise and nurture their desire to do so. Used in the proper manner, our media platforms provide the ideal format for them to communicate with each other and arrange such rides.

However, for Insurance purposes, there is a notable difference between official Club rides and Personal rides. Riders should be aware of this fact and the differences.

An official Club ride covers the Club, it's Officers and Ride Leaders against third party claims that may arise from an incident during the ride.

Personal rides have no such cover under the Club's Insurance.

Our Club Insurance information can be found in the article titled 'The Third Party Insurance Guidance - Ratae R.C.' in the website's 'News' section.

From now on, anyone posting a personal invitation for anyone to ride with them at a particular time and place, must include the wording - 'Personal Invitation' or 'Personal Ride'. -- PERSONAL being the key word.

Any issues related to such rides are then solely attributable to the author / organiser.

This is a very simple solution and we hope that it will be both acceptable and provide the clarity we seek for our cyclists.

These guidelines will also make matters much more straightforward for the Administrator of the Facebook Group Page to manage its content.

This addition has been added to the Ratae Facebook Page Description.


3rd August 2018

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