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Personal Best Medals - New For 2019


Ratae R.C. - 'Personal Best' Medals - New For 2019

In the past the Club has awarded medals at the Annual Dinner to those who, during the year have recorded time trial times lower than the individual 'Standard Times’ set for them.  These 'Standard Times’ were set at the beginning of each racing season by Jim York and were based on a person's previous performances.

Because of the reduced number of Time Trials being held by the Club at Gilmorton this year, and the retirement of Jim York, the Committee has decided on a new basis for which medals will be awarded.

After 2019, the awarding of Personal Best Medals will be reviewed.

For 2019, the Committee has decided to award ' Personal Best Medals' as a mark of achievement in Time Trials.

These medals will be presented to the recipientsat the Club Dinner in December.  Because, for many the target in time trialling is to improve their own time against the clock, it is hoped that this new format will encourage both riders already taking part to improve, and also encourage those who have not yet ridden a competitive event, to participate.  

 To be eligible for a 'Personal Best' Medal the following criteria must be met :-                                                                    

       1.      Only Ratae Club Members, with First Claim Membership, on the date the 'Personal Best' is achieved, will be eligible.            

       2.       Only one medal will be awarded to each person for each time trial distance.  The distances will be 10 miles / 25 miles / 50 miles / and 100 miles.  Thus, the maximum number of medals any one person can receive in any one year will be four.

        3.       The new 'personal best' must be recorded in 2019.

        4.        Times recorded and verifiable at either 'Club' or 'Open' events will qualify.

        5.        Times will qualify, irrespective of the course they are recorded on.

        6.        For a rider competing in their first time trial at that distance, this will count as a "Personal Best' and thus qualify for a medal.

        7.        For a rider who has previously ridden a time trial at that distance, they will need to show and verify that this time beats the best time that they had previously set.

        8.        Because of the complexity for the Club having to be responsible for researching qualifying data, it will be the sole responsibility of each individual to notify the Club when they feel they have achieved the criteria to be awarded a medal.   Claims should be made by emailing the Club website with details.

        9.       To ensure that the Club is able to identify those who may qualify for a medal, a reminder will be published in September 2019.

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