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Read This ! - It Might Save Your Life.


You really MUST have a flashing rear light in Time Trials


Last night I watched the riders in our evening Time Trial on the Six Hills, for around 600 metres, as they rode North on the A46 after joining the dual carriageway.

Two of the riders had good  quality flashing rearlights, that were correctly set to point directly backwards, some had 'constant' or less bright lights and others had no rear light at all.

The difference in visibility between competitors was enormous.  The two previously mentioned were visible for the whole distance I could see, whereas others even with brightly coloured clothing quickly became indiscernable.

The strongest argument for having a good flashing light however, came from the reactions of the traffic as it approached a competitor.  Those that were highly visible were clearly seen sooner and as a result the drivers reacted and planned their course earlier by moving out into the offside lane.  Those that were less visible caused the drivers to react much later in planning their course and were much nearer the rider before they moved out.

In two cases, I saw that drivers travelling in the nearside lane had seen the rider so late that they were then 'trapped in' by traffic in the offside lane and had to slow down, resulting in them passing the rider much more closely or having to slow down before moving out.  This would easily become aggravated if a second vehicle was following a lorry or van which having moved out at the last moment, gave the second vehicle a later view and even less time to react !

Sometimes you become tired and tend not to keep an exact straight course or need to avoid a pot hole, but in any case, can you really afford not to give those behind you as much warning as possible ?

A good light costs around £15.00, a small price to pay for something that could prevent you being involved in a devasting incident.

Remember these LED lights have a great output, but they are directional,  just switch it on and have a look.  It's effectiveness will be much reduced if you strap it to your seatpost pointing down towards the floor.  Think about how to fit it - there are various brackets available to help you get it right.


Remember the vehicle driver should have seen you - but it will be YOU that comes off worse !


I have opened a post on the 'Forum' regarding the above article.

Do you agree or disagree ?  - Have your say - Put it on the forum. 




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