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Rules and Terms - Gilmorton Ten Series - 2018


Rules and Terms for the Ratae Road Club Evening Ten Series 2018

  1. The events will be run and regulated according to CTT Rules.
  1. The Series will be open to all riders to compete for the awards, whether members of any Cycling Club or not.
  1. Entry for each event will be £4.00, to include the CTT levy. An additional £1.00 will be payable for any riders who are not members of a Cycling Club affiliated to the CTT.  This additional cost being to cover day membership of the Ratae Road Club, for insurance purposes.
  1. An award will be made at the end of the Series to the winners of each of six categories.
  1. The six categories will be -

             Senior Men - 18 ( but not a 'Junior' ) - 39 years of age

             Senior Women - 18 ( but not a 'Junior' ) - 39 years of age

             Junior Men - Those, up to and reaching 18 years of age during 2018

             Junior Women - Those, up to and reaching 18 years of age during 2018

             Vets. Men

             Vets. Women

             ( For the Vets. events, points scored will be based on the age related, VTTA 'Standard Times'. )

  1. The designated age of all competitors, used to determine their 'Category' and 'Standard Time Allowance' throughout the entire Series, will be their age on the date of the first event in which they compete.
  1. A points system will operate in each category for each event.

             Winner scores the maximum 60 points

             Second - 55 points

             Third - 51 points

             Fourth - 48 points

             Fifth - 46 points

             Sixth - 45 points

             Then thereafter - 44, 43, 42, 41 and so on.

  1. Riders will have to compete in a minimum of 4 events to be considered for their category title. Anyone riding in more than 4 events will have their best 4 scores added together to make their final total.
  1. Cycling Helmets MUST be worn by all riders whilst competing at all events.  We STRONGLY ADVISE that a rear light is fitted to all cycles.
  1. The Ratae Road Club Committee has the final decision in all matters relating to the running of, results and awards in the Series.
  2. A Decision Has Been Taken to Exclude The 5th of May T.T. From The '10' Series

    Because of the delays caused to many of the riders caused by the accident during the T.T. on the 5th of May, the Club has decided, in the intrerests of fairness, to exclude this from being a points scoring Event for the 2018 'Gilmorton 10 Series'.  It is impossible to determine by time, how each individual rider was disadvantaged, (or not ).

    There will now be an additional Time Trial run on the 28th of July, ( previously shown as our 'reserve date' ).  In effect our next Time Trial on the 19th of May will now be Event One of the Series and we shall run our full programme of Six Events.

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