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The Club President's Awards Speech


The Speech Made by The Club President, Paul Baulch at the Annual Dinner 


A very warm welcome to you all to our Dinner and Prize Presentation. I must start by thanking Keith Bentley for the great work he has carried out over the last 10 years as Trophy Secretary. I did not realise how much work was involved being a Trophy Secretary until now.


Unfortunately, due to a date change and health reasons or even being shy, a number of winners are not with us tonight which is a disappointment.


On with the presentation.


Before we start with the usual Club members who have beaten the Club standards, I would like to thank Bill Powell for all the work he has done once again with our standards competition.


Will all the winners please come up as their names are called.


Phil Wade 1 standard, Colin Hearn 1 standard,

Dean Weston 1 standard, Rob Bennett 3 standard,

Rieta Simmonds 1 standard, Helen Weston 1 standard,

Bob Perrett 1 standard, Dave York 2 standard,

Roger Northern 2 standard


The Ladder Trophy is a very interesting trophy which you might at your leisure have a look at. It is made of stainless steel by none other than Bob Perrett for which we thank him. It is awarded to a member whose rides have beaten the Club standard by the greatest speed margin and on this occasion it goes to Rob Bennett.


The ladies 10 mile champion is Rieta Simmonds. Well done Rieta.


The Short Distance BAR Champion Trophy plus 25 Mile Handicap Trophy and 50 Mile Champion Trophy have been won by Steve Way who lives at Mear in the West Country and is not able to be with us tonight. We are going to present his trophy to him when he comes up to ride our reliability events on 5 February. Some of you may wish to make a note of that date of this very successful and important event. Bob Perrett will receive Steve’s trophies tonight.


Sadly Pete Moss, winner of the 25 Mile Champion and Mens Evening 10 Championship is not with us tonight. He has recently had a new hip joint fitted and is making very good progress. During the year he improved his 25 mile time to a short 57 which is a great ride. We hope he will be in fighting trim for next year’s season and achieve greater rides. Brian Smith will accept his trophies.


The Vets Evening 10 Champion is Bob Perrett. Well done Bob.


You may remember that last year Phil Rayner very kindly gave us back a trophy which he had won in 1996 for a road race. The cup had been presented to the Club by Norman Yeadon a very much respected member. This cup will now be won by the most improved rider and this year together with the Hill Climb Trophy has been won by Andy Cassie.


The Veterans 25 Mile Championship and the Veterans 10 Mile Championship has been won by Bill Duffin - who else can beat such an amazing rider at the age of 88! Some of you might not know that during this last year Bill broke the National Standards record for his age at 10 miles. This is the second time he has broken a National age standard and we are giving him a specific award to mark the occasion, together with a certificate from the VTTA confirming his record.


The Dave Grundy Memorial Trophy was won by Guy Emberson who is not here tonight. Bob Bragg will take this trophy for him.


Our free-wheel Champion for the sixth time is Mike Nelson-Judd. Unfortunately he is unable to be with us tonight. Kevin Brooker will take the trophy for him.


Our Evening 10 Mile Handicap Champion is Colin Hearn. I am pleased to say he is with us tonight. By the way, this cup was given to the Club by Colin Towers who is also with us tonight.


In every club there are many people behind the scenes who do a great job for the club which may not be noticed. The Domestic Shield is to rectify this and to thank them. This year we wish to honour Colin Patterson. As long as anyone can remember, Curly has been our Membership Secretary. I am sure you will agree he is an extremely worthy winner. 

We now come to the much acclaimed but dreaded Moose Trophy.


During the first half of the year there was no concerted effort to win this trophy and I was getting a bit worried as it has always been won. I must at this stage give a word of warning to anyone thinking of going to see the Tour De France as I unfortunately experienced when I came off my bike on the lower slopes of Alpe-d’Huez and as a result won the dreaded Moose Trophy.


The first person with a serious attempt to win was Keith Bentley who on a trip to the Tour on one night in bed twice found himself on the floor. The mattress support slats had come dislodged in the night.


I don’t know if you have heard that even at this late stage last week Bill Duffin made a great effort to retain the Moose trophy with a really bad accident but the trophy had already been engraved.


All joking apart, we are very relieved to see Bill in one piece and here tonight.


The winner this year is our old friend and Club Chairman Bob Bragg.


As I understand it, on his ride out at the Tour De France, Bob had to stop on one occasion and was unable to get his foot out of the clip. I am sure we have nearly all done it and got away, however, with Bob this was not the case. He did considerable damage to his leg and side of chest. He should or would have gone to hospital if the roads had not been closed for the Tour.


After his return home I spoke to Bob on the phone and if I had not known it must be Bob I would not have recognised his voice – he had a very bad chest problem together with extreme bruising damage all down one side of his body and legs. So the Moose Champion this year goes to Bob Bragg.


This normally would be the end of the proceedings, however, we have two special awards.


Over many years Gill Martin has been a great friend to the Club, timing our Open Time Trial events and is always ready to help us in any way. We would like to thank him for his support and give him an award as a token of our appreciation.


Our last item is very special. This award is going to be given by Colin Patterson a co-founder of the Club. It is Honorary Life Membership to Bill Duffin.


What can I say about this amazing man? His enthusiasm for riding and racing his bike is just incredible. I am told that during a period before the last war and after the war Bill was the top trackman in the East Midlands. His knowledge of track craft was amazing. You heard earlier on that he has held two National age related records. The Club is very proud of him and wish to award Honorary Life Membership to Bill.

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